Critical Compliance in
Plastic Engineering

Market Sectors We Serve:

IEP satisfies our customers’ growing need for an experienced, reliable partner to supply high-grade plastics engineering, machining and bespoke fabrication.

IEP is a full member of The Building and Engineering Services Association (BESA), SSIP certified and Constructionline Gold.

Whether you are in building and construction, chemical processing or pharmaceuticals, IEP is your one-stop shop for all your commercial and industrial plastics engineering needs, and that means anything from DW/154 fume extraction ductwork to hygienic cladding.

We became market leader in the fabrication and distribution of a range of products and services – from machined sheets to complex plastic ductwork – by consistently satisfying the plastics engineering industry’s most stringent regulatory requirements and by meeting your exacting specifications. We pride ourselves that every IEP product to leave our factory meets the highest standards of performance, accuracy, and quality.

Proud to be working in partnership with some of the world’s most innovative plastic manufacturers